A Message About Adventure!!

If you watch this video you will get an idea of what i am about. This is a compilation of some adventures i did and it has a message. I will be more detailed on my blog but this is just a start of what some of the things this blog will be about.Enjoy!!

4 thoughts on “A Message About Adventure!!

  1. Love your video montages and can’t wait to see more! I’m a day hiker for the most part but am considering getting into tarp camping. My big issue is that I’m disabled and can’t carry a lot of weight on my back…also, I’m a small-sized female and I hike solo, so I REALLY have to go super light on the gear or I can’t get as far into the wilderness as I want to. Do you find tarp camping lighter than tent camping?

    1. Hi thanks for stopping by. Yes tarp camping is a lot lighter a 8×10 silynylon tarp weight is only 15 ounces. They are great for camping under. Also it’s cheap you can get a tarp for under $10 at Walmart but if your after the best and lightest tarp it can run up to $100 or more. Generally the more they cost the lighter it is. Have a great day!

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