Fat Bike Adventure

Back a few years ago,I purchased a couple hybrid bikes called Fat Bikes. They are a combination mountain bike but with Atv tires if I can make a comparison. These tires are 4 inches wide and provide lots of flotation over sand,snow and mud. After riding them a few years, I can pretty much say that there a lot of fun especially in the winter making the long season in northern Ontario feel a lot shorter. Here you can see the bikes me and my wife Karen ride. Both bikes are made by Salsa the blue one is called Beargrease and the orange one called Mukluk.


You can see here the size of the flotation you get with the fat tire bike



You can rest assure that when we take the bikes out of the garage our dog Copper (Vizsla ) wants to tag along.


If I had one bad thing to say about Fat bikes is that there slow. But if your not in a rush and want to explorer and grasp the beauty of the trails there great. You will stay on top of any soft terrain and smile every time.


Here is an Adventure I did with my Salsa Beargrease the blue one. I loaded up in a float plane and flew 120 km north in Algoma district of Northern Ontario and rode back home on logging roads.


2 thoughts on “Fat Bike Adventure

  1. I few years ago I wouldn’t know what a fat bike is, but nowadays they seem to be more and more popular! 🙂 Seems like you are enjoying it! 🙂

    1. Hi thanks for stopping bye.Yes they are fun they are also getting very popular. I get asked questions every time. Kids tell me all the time ” sir you put too much air in your tires” I always get a kick out of that.

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