My 16,000km Motorcycle Journey

I have been dreaming of this epic trip for the past 2 years, actively planning this trip for the past 6 months and now the first part of my adventure begins in 92 days. Hi………my name is Marc, and welcome to my blog. On June 12th,2015 to be specific, I am planning to leave from my home in Northern Ontario and head up to Alaska then Yellowstone National Park USA and back home. I want to dip my feet into the Arctic Ocean among other things. I want to do a lot of hiking, kayaking and other adventurous activities. If you have any suggestions for the Alaska or Yellowstone part of my trip, I would love to hear from you.

  IMG 0414

This is my motorcycle a 2014 Triumph Tiger Explorer Adventure Touring motorcycle. Awaiting for more accessories to arrive.   These pictures are from a trip I did last year 7000 km ride to the east coast of Canada P1020384 Ferry ride on Manitoulin Island Ontario Heading to east coast last years trip.   P1020434 Cabot Trail NB P1020390 Gaspe Quebec IMG 0480 Gaspe Quebec GOPR0432 Cabot trail New Brunswick east coast Canada. P1020456 Cabot trail New Brunswick east coast Canada .

The fun part of doing an adventure like this is the planning. Where am I going,where will I stay etc… I have no set schedule I want to see as much as I can. I will be covering 300 miles (500km) a day;no rushing!! Here are the maps of where I’m planning to go NewImage NewImage NewImage NewImage Now it’s no secret I love the outdoors so my plan is to do as much camping as possible. Some camping grounds and wild back country as well. I have accounted for some motel days on the way but if the weather is good not too many. I have some outdoor trips planned that I will share before I head out on my motorcycle ride. There will be more info to come on my blog about camping gear and new camera and lenses that I will be taking on my trip. I will also document and blog from start to finish taking amazing pictures, lots of them of mountains,glaciers,historic towns, the gold rush etc…..  That will involve some off road 🙂 back-country riding to cover some of that. Stay tune!!!

4 thoughts on “My 16,000km Motorcycle Journey

  1. Good luck on your adventure, i will be following any posting you make. If you do indeed plan to ‘put your foot in the Arctic Ocean’ contact Northern Alaska Tour company, they handel all visitors in Prudhoe Bay that want to get out to the ocean. It is highly restricted and you must have valid identification, because most of the access points are very close to the oil rigs. If you stop at the Arctic circle trading post on the Elliott highway have a free coffee on me! I live about a mile North of there at the top of the hill….again best of luck.

  2. Really looking forward to follow your travels from Ontario to Alaska and Yellowstone. What an epic journey you have ahead of you!

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